Scribe versus template

Now the cabinet boxes are installed (sans doors) so they don’t get damaged during countertop installation. You are ready to call in your counter fabricator if you are using granite or quartz or any natural stone for that matter.

Underestimating the importance  of hiring an experienced fabricator to save a few bucks […]

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The December scribe

Managing client expectations is paramount to achieving customer satisfaction.

Weather can play a factor in how easy or challenging the construction process unfolds. The installation of custom cabinetry requires methods that not all companies use. The scribing technique when installing kitchen cabinetry, vanities or built-ins is mandatory for Misani installers.

The scribe […]

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Buying European Brands

Just when you think you have a crisis on your hands.  Stressful text messages, phone calls and waiting on hold for what seems like forever… all because of a plug that’s unfamiliar.

First,  nothing can be sold in Canada that’s not North American ready.  When dealing with an issue of the […]

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Decoratives – What are they and why do they matter?

Here’s an image of one of things that sets apart a custom kitchen installation versus a “box with a door” style of kitchen.

You may be very surprised, in a good way! That the cost differential isn’t enormous.  Think about it…whether you’re building a custom home or replacing your 30 year old kitchen […]

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Create ambiance with Dimmer switches

It either works or it doesn’t when it comes to electrical connections.  The tendency to want the job completed can overshadow the finishing touches.

We all want the ‘pretty stuff’ to look its best.  Whether its cabinetry, a new piece of furniture or a new fruit bowl from #Homesense!

When we plan […]

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Where does your Grey Cup start?

Where does your Grey Cup start?  In the kitchen, of course! Whether you’re into football or not. The 103rd Canadian Grey Cup final is reason to celebrate, to gather, have some fun and entertain!

Call it tradition or an excuse for a party — our kitchens have become the place in […]

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Great ideas cost moolah!

Simple, clean lines — industrial, shabby chic, transitional looks appear simple.

Access to this bedroom used to be an angled door , this new opening was designed to be centred on the bed with a view to the common area where the TV is perfectly centred for viewing which takes into account […]

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The custom difference

The design was finalized months ago, site preparations commenced and finally the job hits the production floor. Specifying, cutting, finishing and pre-assembly of any custom unit takes time.

Custom doesn’t necessarily have to mean ‘expensive’. At a basic level – each job is a ‘one of’. Totally unique in size, form […]

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Make hay while the sun shines

So…communication is key — we all agree?

Modifications to interior walls require thought, planning and precise execution. When you think you’ve expressed what you want — stop!  Before drywall, new flooring, baseboard and trim is installed ensure the door system, in this case barn doors, are the correct size to fit […]

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Just a thought

…because sometimes words just don’t do it.

A thought to all who have connections to Paris and even to those that don’t — thinking of you

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