Merriam-Webster’s Word of the Day is liminal. An adjective used to describe an intermediate state, phase or condition.

Otherwise known as transitional — a term designers have been using for years now.   If you ask a roomful of people their opinion about style or the function of a #custom kitchen, its likely you may receive as many opinions as there are people!

So…the noun limen refers to the point at which a physiological or psychological effect begins to be produced. What we know is homeowners considering a kitchen renovation ask for a classic, timeless ‘look’.  Before the advent of #houzz and #pinterest, creating ideasbooks required buying magazines and clipping images for a scrapbook.

For almost a century one thing you are guaranteed to see in the archives is a White kitchen, possibly with a contrast colour island, stained wood or different colour. This featured kitchen is a perfect example of a liminal kitchen space. Traditional ceiling mouldings compliment this custom kitchen with a stunning rangehood feature and potfiller that is an anchoring focal point.  Along with furniture cut outs at the base of the lower cabinets — sleek light fixtures over the island contribute to this updated look.  As well, mid-tone floors anchor this space in a classic hardwood finish.

This cabinetry allows any homeowner to enjoy cooking in a beautiful space, liminal or not!