When it comes to deciding what type of fireplace you want, there are more choices than ever on the market!

Whether you are building a new custom home or renovating your space — a fireplace seems to always be on the wish list.  There is varying opinions about the natural crackle of a wood burning unit whether it be fireplace or a pellet stove.

Every option can have advantages and disadvantages.

Natural Gas — is very efficient and costs are minimal to operate. Maintainance is important due to carbon monoxide risks and the potential for injury due to hot glass fronts. #Ontariohearth

Electric options are in abundance with more and more style selections. No venting is required and set up is straightforward.  With the costs of electricity going nowhere but up , long term these are costly to use and are not helpful during a power outtage. #stylishfireplacesbyhuntingtonlodge

Gelled or alcohol fuelled units like the one pictured are optimal for a sleek / contemporary feel. Whether alcohol or ethanol based they are clean burning and easy to use with replacement cartridges. Also, expensive to operate in the long term. Calgary based #thebioflame were one of the first to offer this option in 2007 and have seen nothing but growth in their industry.

Technology and innovation never ceases to amaze –  #Dimplex Opti-mist creates fire with water! An electric option perfect for condos or apartments. Very affordable too. Video featured on #Youtube is pretty impressive.

Whatever your goal — its always best to explore all options new and tried true!