The Canadian Exhibition is in full swing, we are mindful of having to pack away our white summer jeans and believe it or not we are talking about the Christmas holiday installation schedule!

If you are serious about renovating your kitchen before the end of the year — now is the time to reach out and start the planning process! If you’ve recently closed on a house transaction and know your new home requires a #kitchen #renovation. Its time! Make the call and here are the reasons why–

Cabinet design needs to be established

General Contracting needs to be assessed and timing coordinated

Appliances need to be purchased

Finishes needs to be chosen — floor / sink / faucet / light fixtures / counter top / handles / wall colour etc

The To Do list is not necessarily overwhelming if you’re working with stakeholders that make it easy.

Service and communication is key. A renovation can be managed easily if all parties understand the process. What comes next….and the professionals are attentive to the clients needs.

There’s something to be said for working with a smaller company who can be more nimble and attentive.

If you’re relocating there is a lot more on your plate — choose wisely. Working with a local company has many advantages that could potentially save you lots of money, time and lessen the stress of juggling the change whether moving and / or renovating!