There’s much debate with the order in which a renovation ‘starts’.

With so many selections of finishes on the market these days (never mind sourcing on the Internet) its no wonder clients’ sense of overwhelm is higher than its ever been!

The good news is choice is good! Aligning yourself with the right professionals for the job is key to embarking on a fun, exhilarating renovation experience that results in a beautiful space that you will enjoy for a very long time.

Sooo when it comes to a typical #kitchen #renovation — the #cabinetry tends to be the starting point. Nothing wrong with that, in fact, having a #design layout that works in your space is paramount to what colour your cabinets are going to be — having said that, when it comes to the fun part of shopping we like to think of the #flooring finish as the quarterback to the space, the anchor if you will.

Think about it — #cabinets, #countertop, # backsplash, #sink, #faucet, #paint are some of the components you will have to source or at least have someone help you source. Flooring is the first material that gets laid down before the other components come together.

Whether its large format porcelain tile, resilient technology flooring aka composites like linoleum/vinyl/asphalt/rubber/wood/cork  OR hardwood — solid or engineered. Its a big decision.

Each space is unique and will dictate natural flooring transitions i.e. room openings. The trend to carry the same material throughout  offers a consistent look and feel. The argument that broadloom in the bedroom is the most comfortable is a personal choice.

Regardless, before you get too hung up on choosing #hardware and cutlery inserts. Focus on the flooring material that is going to hold and carry your beautiful new kitchen cabinetry for years of enjoyment to come!