Re-purposing a sentimental dining room suite is one way to save on the budget.  Custom cabinetry and other millwork features are introducing Walnut into the space.

How much walnut is too much? As designers, we have to ‘pick our moments’ — the decision to chalk paint the dining room suite which is in an open space to the kitchen is part of the balancing act.

Sometimes amateurs achieve extraordinary results almost by accident.  In this case, the weather forecast called for sunny skies.  The lake effect rolled in and the next thing you know, fog as thick as your winter woolies descended upon this wood table which was outside.  The natural crackle of the paint is a faux finish not even a professional could have designed.

Although not complete — we’re thinking this is going to be quite a statement piece that will connect not only the kitchen cabinets but wall panel treatment in a very unique way.

Stay posted —