Talking trends….what’s in, what’s out, what’s on its way in and what’s on its way out….?

So many things to consider, its enough to make your head spin! People come to us for  advice there’s no doubt. A recent conversation with a client confirmed they could NOT live without their formal dining room. There was no way on earth the homeowner was comfortable with a dozen people milling about their kitchen as they prepared to entertain. While others feel isolated and disconnected from the ‘fun’ when they’re left alone in the kitchen.

Everyone is different!

Take for example the purchase of new appliances. Its  a big decision and a big investment. Lots of choice which is a good thing — lots of choice which can be overwhelming.

Let’s talk refrigerators. To panel  with cabinet material or show off #Stainless steel or some of the newer finish options like carbon will undoubtedly affect the look and feel of the #kitchen.

It is absolutely helpful to know which appliances you are considering — a 36″ slide in range is a completely different animal than a 30″ #rangetop with 30″ stacked #wallovens.  These decisions will effect layout options.

Rest assured, as the meat gets put on the bones of  your #kitchen #design, one decision naturally leads into the next. There’s no right or wrong when it comes to the order in which you select things.

Featuring your new appliances is like showcasing state of the art stereo equipment or a brand new BBQ — while some will choose the paneled refrigerator, dishwasher and warming drawer in order for the appliances  to more or less disappear .

What’s your preference?