So, how do you distinguish yourself from your competition in the custom kitchen business in Oakville? Well, we know no one has time to read lengthy verbiage anymore so…we are experimenting.  First, we’re re-designing our Showroom (its 10 years old and long overdue anyways) knowing that if we ‘show’ something really nice, people who visit us tend to like what they see and want it!

Second, our approach to Proposals is shifting to ‘bigger picture’ with resounding success.  For example – Mr. & Mrs. want to renovate the first floor of their home and bring everything up to date.  Typically, they’ve lived there for some time, have earned enough equity in their home to justify the makeover, knowing they will be empty nesters in 5 – 10 years justifies the anticipated return on investment as well as the enjoyment of State of the Art ‘new stuff’ in their family home.

Where to start ’tis the question?  Although we are awesome cabinet makers, we often ‘win’ a job based on our design expertise.  Just because you went to school for Design doesn’t necessarily mean you’re good at it.  We’ve assembled a Misani team that ‘gets it’.  We assess a space in its entirety, we LISTEN to our prospective clients!  There’s nothing worse, in our humble opinion than keeping up with trends, being able to spew design verbiage and potentially building and installing custom cabinetry that ultimately doesn’t “fit” with the homeowners personal style.

Outstanding DESIGN is where its at — Misani prides itself on our expertise, experience and engagement with our clients to exceed their expectations!