As promised, this post will bring you up to speed with respect to what the Liberation of Holland has to do with designing and manufacturing custom cabinetry in Oakville!

Prime Minister Stephen Harper, in his speech last week shared that doing the right thing often comes at great cost — a cost that must be paid.

As a successful cabinet business, 10 years in Oakville now! We have endured many of the challenges any small business has as they learn, grow, hire, fire, invest and evolve into successful thriving businesses. A colleague reminded recently that its typically once a year that the wheels of the bus feel like they all fall off at once, sometimes its Spring, sometimes its Fall, Summer or Winter too — no rhyme or reason.  Jobs don’t run smoothly as hoped.

As designers of kitchens, bathrooms, wine rooms, home theatre….millwork we like to call it — we have more control at the ‘front end’ of the client experience.  Designing on paper is fun!

As manufacturers of custom cabinetry, our work is installed at the end of the construction process.  Typically, when the patience of the client has run out and they just want to put their lives back together.  We are constantly reminded of how “nice” we are to deal with, how “professional” team Misani is. We pride ourselves with this feedback  every day.

Its when things go sideways on a construction site (and sometimes they do) that is a true test of how situations get resolved. Any Customer Service program will reinforce its HOW you deal with an issue versus placing blame on others is what the  customer will remember — even when its not your fault!

Honouring our soldiers for always striving to do the right thing certainly falls in a totally different category from the work we do.

One can argue the values of our company are the same.  Going the extra mile, working as a team, not blaming others, working hard so the company succeeds, working hard in order to exceed our client expectations is what we do — everyday… even when the unexpected happens.