Simple, clean lines — industrial, shabby chic, transitional looks appear simple.

Access to this bedroom used to be an angled door , this new opening was designed to be centred on the bed with a view to the common area where the TV is perfectly centred for viewing which takes into account a pre-planned furniture layout.

Having the conversation with a client about ‘the math’ is not always the fun part of good design BUT its all about the math! Whether using Autocad or regular graph paper, it takes time and sometimes more money to plan a space for both function and beauty.

The idea of barn door track hardware seems cool — and it is! What’s not so cool is the costs involved in not only custom made hardware but the labour for a professional to install it. This installation took two full days. When planning openings like these, investigate hardware kits — they typically are made for single door applications and are affordable. Although the double door certainly makes a WOW statement — custom made hardware doesn’t come cheap.

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