The dust is settling after the home renovation is complete.

Yes, there’s a few more pictures to hang and organizing to be done….but who cares.  Enjoying your new kitchen and bathroom, realizing the design of your space is so much more practical and functional gives pause to take a deep breath and be grateful.

There may have been times that were stressful , there was never a scenario where a solution wasn’t available. So now we settle in, take it all in, even pinch ourselves at times.

A home is not just a house or apartment or condo. Home is where we can’t wait to come after a long day of work. Some clients really enjoy cooking and entertaining — others install new kitchens but still prefer to eat out! Whatever your stripe, we know after Winter comes Spring and Spring brings on BBQ season!

Its not uncommon in the Custom Home world to not only design a gourmet kitchen for the house with a servery segueing into a Dining Room. Its also not uncommon to design and manufacture custom cabinetry for an outdoor kitchen application.

Seeing clients install not only a gas BBQ but also integrating a Green Egg (bbq, smoker, clay oven) is a tell tale sign of a true foodie. Breaking in the Egg on the weekend was fun. Youtube lessons and burping (its an egg term) aside. The design of this unique cooking tool makes for easy and outstanding tasting food. Starting off with grilling simple hamburgers did not provide enough challenge. A beer can chicken was presented and put on the grill as a test. Not a morsel was left!

Moral of the story? Enjoy your kitchen, whether its inside or out. Your tummy will thank you.