Is your kitchen of the 25-30 year vintage? Is it shaped like a “U”? With those awkward upper and lower corner cabinets where the last time you saw what was stuffed in there was when your daughter was 3? Well — we might just have the answer for you! Homeowners tell us they want an open concept ‘feel’, they want to take down walls and open things up!  We do it! …all the time…BUT…what happens when you remove a wall? No more opportunity to place cabinets on it! Sometimes its a matter of conceptualizing ‘shifting’ things around.  That’s what happened in this Glen Abbey home in Oakville, ON. Being tight on space and having to honour the structure of the existing layout, the Misani Design team reconfigured the space to allow for an island (cuz everybody seems to want an island) and create a real gourmand’s kitchen space.  Custom cabinetry opens up opportunities to explore the possibilities — discover yours!