A kitchen renovation doesn’t have to be as daunting as some make it out to be — HONEST!

Recently working with clients as they signed their Purchase Order — a look of excitement and panic crossed their faces almost at the same time.  A kitchen renovation is usually talked about, ruminated, dreamed of and planned for quite some time.The money you’ve worked so hard for and saved is now going to be finally spent — for some, the realization causes a fair bit of distress once the trigger is pulled!

Its our job to relieve  that distress. Submitting the initial deposit triggers many things. Checklists are crucial especially when you’re working with several different people on one project.  General Contractors have electricians, plumbers, hardwood floor specialists, tilers, painters, dry wallers, cabinet installers, stone fabricators, appliance installers…

Aligning yourselves with the ‘right’ professionals goes a long way with transforming your kitchen space into what you’ve  dreamed of.  No nightmare stories attached —

So how is  karma and a kitchen renovation connected?

Keeping it simple and possibly paying a little bit extra for ‘real’ professionals goes a long way to ensuring the end result is exactly what you expect. Budget 6-8 weeks of general inconvenience — quite possibly less, depends on your Scope of Work. Choose wisely — a company that is responsive, communicates well, answers all your questions in advance, brings good karma to all involved.

People do business with people they like and trust — trust your instincts when signing with the team who’s going to make not only your investment but your dream kitchen all worthwhile! Good karma will follow…