So…communication is key — we all agree?

Modifications to interior walls require thought, planning and precise execution. When you think you’ve expressed what you want — stop!  Before drywall, new flooring, baseboard and trim is installed ensure the door system, in this case barn doors, are the correct size to fit the opening.  Otherwise, custom hardware is the only option!

The budget of $1,000.00 ‘shifts’ to $1600.00 for an oversight.  Laying blame is easy — its the contractors fault, the drywaller, the painter, the trim carpenter.  These trades — as much as they are coordinated , work in isolation for the craft they execute.  No different than an electrician or plumber.

If you play chess, you will understand that thinking ahead a few steps is helpful for winning. Same goes for renovating or planning a new kitchen. Taking some time to plan your cabinets and what makes the most sense for how you live will ensure all your needs will be satisfied in the end.

Budget over runs are not uncommon — when you have control over your site conditions, take control and measure twice!