Soon there will be function in the kitchen, since Christmas is only 3 days away its probably prudent to have a Plan B in your pocket for Christmas dinner. Regardless, if you’ve survived months of renovating — what’s another couple of days.

Keeping an open mind and staying positive are qualities that will ‘get you through’…

Discussing Care & Maintenance of your new counter is best while the Fabricator is at your home installing. These rare pieces of Quartzite with a honed finish  are sealed upon installation . Regular wiping will be required to stay on top of potential stains and preventing water marks from cups.

Understanding the stone and how to take care of it is straightforward. Sealing is as simple as applying the liquid sealer, wiping in and wiping off. Voila! No different than applying Mineral Spirits to a solid wood cutting board to keep it fresh and beautiful.

You’ve waited some time where nothing could move forward since the template was taken for the counters. Now the Fabrication Installation team arrives!

Once complete, the Plumber can be called to connect the sink.  Silicone requires 24 hours to cure for undermount sinks. Function #1

Appliances can be set in place and connected – Function #2

Electrician is required to hardwire dishwasher and exhaust fan for over the cooktop/ range – Function #3

Understand that these Trades are busy, especially trying to finish jobs right before Christmas so that all clients can host their families and friends during the holiday season. Communication is key, letting the Trades know in advance how the timing and logistics are playing out makes for an easier coordination of the work to get you up and running.

Our Misani team wishes all families a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. We appreciate your referrals and look forward to another year of great designs and exceeding our client’s expectations!

Stay tuned for the completion of this Designer’s condo remodel to be continued in 2016.