The dust continues to settle (duct cleaning & several furnace filter changes) later. Enjoying family and friends throughout the holidays with many memories of the renovation to savour for years to come. Lots of hands in the kitchen washing dishes (electrician on vacation so dishwasher didn’t get connected nor chandelier over table).  All fodder makes for a good story when we reminisce…

At the end of the day — we choose to improve our homes for many reasons.  Re-sale? Comfort? Enjoyment? or because something breaks!

Whatever the reasons are, as you settle in to your space after many ‘strangers’ have traipsed about it for weeks or months, the satisfaction of working within a new design layout or relishing ‘new stuff’ is always the feeling when the workers move on to the next job.

Often, the trades are under appreciated in their work. Long hours and hard work are expected of them. Client expectations can be demanding.

As the saying goes, it takes a village to raise a child — well it takes many skilled professionals to plan and execute the work that goes into a home or kitchen renovation.

We are proud of our work, we have confidence in our work, our greatest compliment is a referral.

We will continue doing what we’re doing and creating beautiful spaces for our clients to enjoy!