Renovations are stressful — no doubt about it!

Sourcing all the materials can feel like a full time job. What kind of faucet do I want? What size sink? Accessories are another level of decision making altogether. Its easy to get caught up in the ‘finishing touches’ when the big decisions are made. Flooring, electrical, plumbing…

Or at least you think they’re made — there is so much that goes into the “Order of Operations” in a renovation of any kind. Kitchen / Bath / Re-model.

Just when you think the hardwood ‘guy’ is tee’d up to start (as the wood was delivered weeks ago) there is a delay. Tiling is a little more complicated — sub-floors must be leveled with plywood, wire mesh cut and fit, skim cement applied to level everything off. Just when you think you’re ready and head to store to pick up the tile and start, you find out the incorrect tile was ordered!

Now’s not the time to point fingers although it feels like the frustration level was turned up a few notches. A humbling experience indeed.

The bigger challenge comes back to Order of Operation. Now the painter needs to be rescheduled, the trim carpenter is delayed for baseboards and trimwork…get the picture.

Homeowners will stand on their heads to get the job done, unfortunately this strategy has limited effect.

Patience, communication, deep breathing techniques will help with coping with these set backs.
Flooring is the anchor to the space — ask yourself, do you really want to settle for something that’s second best in a home renovation?

Trust your instincts, as the adage goes “measure twice, cut once” Same goes for sourcing, verbal orders sometimes just aren’t ‘good enough’. Double check EVERYTHING. Professionals are human too 🙂