As we gear up for our Fall Home Show season, home renovations  continue to be going gangbusters.

No such thing as a lull or slow time anymore for our Shop.  Entertaining a summer shut-down being out of the question.

It takes months of planning, sourcing, quoting to be prepared for the big day of the start of a home renovation. Whether its kitchen space, bathroom space or an entire level of a home.

Its not until the day the dumpster arrives and the crew shows up with crow bars and hammers in hand that reality bites and there’s no turning back.

One quickly adjusts to how little we need to get on with our daily business. TV tables and laptops become our new office space. Washing dishes in a laundry tub and sleeping in the basement is the ‘new norm’.

Reminding clients that this situation is temporary and to keep the end goal in mind is part of the work we do.  Reassurance, comfort and cajoling are not out of the norm.  Some clients respond with a ‘whatever’ attitude — others can be stressed to the max on the verge of tears….there’s no right or wrong way.

After many years in this industry , we can assure clients there has never been a homeowner yet that didn’t survive a renovation. Once the dust settles….the inconvenience becomes a distant memory.

Follow the Misani Facebook page to follow an active home renovation that just got underway.  It will prepare you for the reality of when your big day will arrive.