The Frank Sinatra song “My Way” is a true classic — and although its not the final curtain, the end of the school year is near!

For many of our clients families its a busy time with school productions, award presentations, mixed feelings about growing up and moving on. It’s  part of our culture at  Misani Custom Design that we participate in community events and support the bigger business community of the Town of Oakville that has been so wonderful for our business.

Sponsoring #OakvilleChristianSchool  FunFair recently is just one example of our community mindedness.

Team members at Misani Kitchens are well connected to the broader kitchen communityas well  #kbtribechat is a group of  kitchen and bath designers, interior designers, contractors, architects, bloggers, brands and other industry insiders who network, share our knowledge, inspire each other, learn and have fun!

Do you not want to work with a  group of professionals that take pride in their work each and everyday and are connected to not only their community but  industry groups that help with understanding industry trends to best serve you?  Now that’s a value proposition!