As the one year anniversary arrives of the loss of a dear loved one, there is a heaviness of sadness surrounding.

Although there is no choice but to forge forward in a positive fashion with the condo renovation at hand. Professionals have no time to waste —

Customizing the ‘guts’ of the kitchen is fun — this template was fabricated for an integral function in a busy kitchen space.  Something to do with chemistry….More on that in a future post…

Regardless of the days hustle and bustle, there never seems enough time to cross off the entire ‘to do’ list. A better practice to consider may be to set our personal ‘default’ as doing the best we can and leave the rest to tomorrow.  Cuz there’s always tomorrow, right?

Life’s perspective can humble us and so can a home renovation.  Errors have occurred, there have been mis-ships and some delay. Regardless, working with professionals makes all the difference which is ultimately reflected in the end result. A beautiful kitchen, bath, your home!