Week #6 — and so it goes….

Timing / coordination is key to any home renovation. Knowing that, the nature of construction is not a specific science. Hiring professionals helps for certain, not all trades can be available at a moments notice due to juggling several jobs at any given time.

Their commitment is to please the customer. Often, schedules can be delayed due to circumstances that are not controllable. More often than you might think — things progress really well and estimates are ahead of schedule! This can pose its own challenges as once again — snapping of the fingers doesn’t necessarily mean Trades can ‘jump off’ a job site without finishing.

So… a high tech thermostat installed by the homeowner indicates an overworked HVAC (heating and cooling) system. With approximately four more weeks of work, the question becomes — do you spend $$$ cleaning the ducts now OR wait until the job is complete.

The perception of saving a couple of hundred dollars may cost thousands in the end. This is one area where homeowners need to take a step back and seriously consider ‘doing the right thing’.  Clean the ducts!  This is one small example of the expected buffer when planning budgets.  There are many little things that contribute to being realistic when setting budgets and seeing the big picture.  Not a bad idea to consider a realistic buffer.  No professional can anticipate every possible scenario when taking on a new job.

If you’re instructed differently — think twice!