As  custom cabinet makers we appreciate ‘levels’ of workmanship

Its why we take such pride in the work we do — essentially its a combination of

— our front line designers to envision our clients wants and needs

–our detailers who turn a concept drawing into a production drawing

–our guys and gals who work in the Shop cutting and pre-assembling

–our prep sanders and finishing professionals who make it all look pretty

–our installation crew who are the last ‘touch’ with the client to ensure the final result exceeds expectations

When it comes to Do It Yourselfers, its all about YOU!

This small space is being converted to a meditation area. An extra box of Walnut flooring left over from another project is being put to good use. A ‘revolving door’ has become a small hiccup in engineering as squeeks are not conducive to meditation. A small coin inserted at the bottom solved that problem — how ingenius! Wall art panels ordered online will offer a peaceful nature-like environment for this space.

Stay tuned as this project progresses, the creative spirit  never ceases to amaze us.

There’s a little something for everyone to learn !