The sky’s the limit when it comes to designing kitchen spaces. The advent of Smart technology for the kitchen combined with advances for software in cabinet manufacturing sets us apart from our competition.

EuroCucina featured state of the art induction cooktop technology within the countertop material — it seems North America has embraced induction (magnetic) cooking well in advance of Italy. This may come of a bit of a surprise as we think Europe is generally advanced in everything. In this case, non!

There are some instances where for aesthetic reasons a walloven is placed beneath a cooktop.

These featured images demonstrate an option where the cooking surface is essentially ‘invisible’ whereas the other features the cooktop / walloven & hood detail as a major focal point in the kitchen.

Personal preference will dictate which way the kitchen design comes together. Our┬áCanadian conservative market will embrace the ‘hidden’ technology option if given the choice, so says the hunch.

Checking in with our North American distributors to see if / when we can offer this option to our clients — pretty cool concept.