There are some really useful Do It Yourself kits on the market.  This cascading planter of solid red cedar wood required no tools to assemble whatsoever. Easy peasy!

In the custom kitchen world options are many….can’t say we’ve ever manufactured a cedar kitchen out of our Shop though.

If a client is looking for that rustic look there are many ways to achieve this.  As flooring is the anchor to any space its a good place to start.  Quarter sawn oak, tavern grade and hand-scraped hardwood are good options to explore that can offer a more rustic feel.

Considering wood beams as part of a reflective ceiling plan (depends upon ceiling heights of course) and fixtures, whether its light fixtures or farmhouse sinks elements for pulling a certain ‘look’ together.

The  Ask A Pro section on the website recently discussed manufacturing kitchen cabinets out of cedarwood —  since its an  incredibly soft wood that can have lots of movement in its grain pattern and natural colour, it would not be a recommended species for cabinetry.  There are better uses for this beautiful wood, gardens, fencing, decks & porches….

There’s a place for everything and everything should be in its place.  Consider using Walnut for your custom kitchen cabinetry and that’s a whole other discussion.  We love it!