It either works or it doesn’t when it comes to electrical connections.  The tendency to want the job completed can overshadow the finishing touches.

We all want the ‘pretty stuff’ to look its best.  Whether its cabinetry, a new piece of furniture or a new fruit bowl from #Homesense!

When we plan interior spaces, attention to detail is paramount, including furniture placement, selecting placement for a special piece of Art or an area rug size.  What features these elements in their best light is LIGHTING!

Too often care and attention is not paid to the electrical layout before the walls are ‘closed in’ with drywall. Retrofitting electrical after the fact is cumbersome and costly.

Although this home has 8ft ceiling heights throughout, the foyer is vaulted which allows for a dramatic feel when entering the front door. What a nice feeling to come home to.

When you’re considering a kitchen renovation or a bigger project — a comprehensive lighting plan is critical. Splurge for the dimmer switches, worth every penny!