Here’s an image of one of things that sets apart a custom kitchen installation versus a “box with a door” style of kitchen.

You may be very surprised, in a good way! That the cost differential isn’t enormous.  Think about it…whether you’re building a custom home or replacing your 30 year old kitchen cabinets. Its quite an investment. Factor in the tear out (that’s the easy part) replacing flooring, new sink and other fixtures — all adds up!

So, the consideration of which cabinet company to choose is a critical one.  Its only after the fact you may appreciate the differences.

Cabinet construction itself , finishing materials, quality of hardware — decoratives! The list is almost endless. The fit and finish of custom made cabinetry is difficult to describe with words.  The precision and execution of installing custom kitchens requires different methods of manufacturing.  Every job is a ‘one of’ — doesn’t roll of an assembly line of cookie cutter mass production.

One only needs to compare the end results — is it worth $2,000 more, is it worth $5,000 more? Only you can decide. Whether you will enjoy your kitchen renovation for a few years or the next 20, Misani cabinetry will more than offset the initial upgrade investment even for re-sale.  We hear it time and time again.

Its worth the comparison!