The adage you get what you pay for is a mantra many subscribe to.  In general terms, we believe #Misani custom cabinetry will outperform and outlast and here are the reasons why —

Domestic plywood  from Canadian suppliers for cabinet and drawer box construction makes a huge difference. 3/4″ shelf and back thickness is a winning combination in the #custom cabinet market. Comparing imported sheet goods against local suppliers is an apple to orange comparison, with domestic exceeding expectations.

Soft close #hardware is often included in quotations — if its not offered as a premium or categorized as heavy duty , rest assured, they will not stand the test of time.  These are the hinges and slide systems for pullouts and drawers. Well worth every penny!

A boutique #manufacturer offers superior quality utilizing premium raw materials and the expertise of specialists whether it be seasoned #finishers , #cabinet assemblers or #installers.

Most newly installed cabinetry will look nice — how do you test for durability? The finish (paint or stain) and topcoat materials are hugely important in the long run. Suffice to say — a post catalyzed topcoat will outlast a pre-catalyzed finish any day.

An in house team approach offers better quality control and accountability.  Do your research — ask questions — understand what you’re getting. Ultimately, the decision to work with people you like and trust that offer the best product at a fair price is a success story waiting to happen!

In the custom cabinet market – #design and quality is a winning combination. Fortunately for the consumer its a competitive industry — if you understand what you’re getting–you will pay for it!