As potential clients breeze through the door as Spring encroaches, they are armed with more information than ever!

A picture says a thousand words….the Houzz website is an awesome resource that clients have been using for a few years now.  More tools on the Houzz website are available for the ‘average Joe’ to be able to save, store and share at a preliminary stage of design planning that allows professionals like us at Misani kitchens to execute drawings that demonstrate what can work in a space and more importantly what can’t!

Houzz,  in their creative wisdom,  released a Canadian Trends Study which is really telling, here are some fast facts from their report that you may find helpful (we certainly did!)

Flexibility, functionality and personality drive kitchen updates

Quality and Design drive product purchase decisions ( Misani Custom Kitchens really shines in this area — in our humble opinion)

More Canadians favour contemporary and modern kitchen styles and fewer show interest in farmhouse and craftsman styles than their U.S. counterparts.  (We totally agree with this one, Misani is building our reputation as Contemporary/Modern specialists!)

We will be sharing more information from this report in future posts, stay tuned.