The sound of birds chirping, the sunshine streaming through your window (sometimes highlighting winter’s grime…) Regardless, you can feel it!  There’s a spring in your step, smile on your face, anticipating the transformation of your new dream kitchen.  Renovating can seem like a daunting task, maybe you’ve been ruminating all winter about starting the project — relax, don’t worry —  if you hire people you like and trust they will help make the job easier for you to make decisions and better enjoy the process of the renovation.  At Misani kitchens, our product speaks for itself.   Its the anecdotes after all is said and done that provides the real satisfaction within the Misani team.  Working in the custom world of cabinetry, it goes without saying that each job we do is fully unique to our clients needs.  Being a smaller shop – we can accommodate pretty much any request.  Had a gentleman recently request the toe kick at the base cabinet be set back 5 inches instead of 3 — Why? he’s tired of stubbing his toes as he has rather large feet!  No biggee for us, we don’t have preset sizing for any of our kitchen parts.  Bring us your kitchen challenge, we’d love to put our thinking caps on!