#houzz is a website that has become a mainstay for our clients who are contemplating any kind of #homerenovation.

It seems only a few short years ago that visitors to our Showroom brought in their binders with magazine clippings and hand written notes of what they liked about the pictures they were showing us!

Today its rare someone comes in without a device in hand.  This is NOT the tool to make colour selections with!

The challenge time and time again is offering guidance on colour. Fortunately or unfortunately colour selection is not an easy task.  Erin Carlyle — editorial staff at houzz writes about how best to test paint colour.

The good old fashioned way of painting test patches in your space, assessing in different lighting conditions is the tried and true method of pulling your colour palette together. Hiring a colour consultant is an option but don’t settle for a story board.

Whether its  #cabinetry or wall colour , test it in your space in both daytime (natural light) and nighttime conditions. Getting advice is always helpful, although you may get as many opinions as the number of people you ask!

Trust your instincts and don’t take short cuts, its worth the effort.