Whether you like sports or not, lets face it — its FUN to talk about the Jays winning streak!

Whether we’re bored with our jobs or frustrated we don’t get enough vacation time or disheartened by  some current events or having anticipatory anxiety about planning a kitchen renovation,  we can’t help but pay attention to the sound bites in the news buzzing about the Toronto Blue Jays.

Being an avid baseball player for many years and recalling the championships in the early 90’s, I can’t help but participate in the best water cooler ‘feel good’ story in awhile.

Regardless of your personal inclination toward Sport, the realities of life….planning for a new kitchen or building a custom home can overwhelm us at times.

Maybe allowing yourself to catch the Jay wave might just put the ‘other stuff’ in context –let’s savour the moment everyone is talking about, why not? Its fun!