It never ceases to amaze me what clients share keeps them up at night! Dreaming about options for garbage and recycling.  Gift wrapping and gardening centres within a Mudroom space. Doggie showers and so much more.  With endless opportunities for inspiration at our fingertips and immediate access to information, one wonders where true creativity and inspiration comes from.

Left to our own devices, sometimes we just need a little quiet time to come up with some amazing concepts.  Taking concepts and “executing” them requires time and effort but the end result can knock your socks off.

Driving by Exotic Woods in Burlington, ON – a client stopped in and ‘created’ this Powder Room vanity in her mind. Chose a vessel sink to fit, spoke to a Plumber about configuring and the General Contractor about fabricating L-brackets connected to the wall studs to bear the weight of the unit.

Its not costing much more than a custom vanity …so why not ? Then your mind can wander and keep you up at night with another stunning idea.

Your thoughts?

Creative way to channel plumbing?

Creative way to channel plumbing?

Acacia raw edge vanity top -- needs a vessel sink

Acacia raw edge vanity top — needs a vessel sink