Time and time again we reassure clients that our custom cabinetry shows best under well-planned lighting conditions.  Lighting technology has changed immensely in recent years.  LED has been around awhile for certain, its now dimmable and offers a range of bulb choice for a ‘warmer’ feel.  This was not possible a decade ago.

LED lighting in potlights, task lighting in kitchens or fixtures themselves are now considered mainstream — talk to your electrician about the options, there are many!

As this renovation proceeds — the ‘pretty stuff’ starts arriving.  Clients refer to this as the fun part! Exciting, yes since the hammering and sawing has subsided but exhausting all the same.  These light fixtures were purchased six months ago for a very reasonable price at Costco.  The downside is, each pendant has to be hung individually, contractors aren’t interested in spending an hour on each fixture even if you’re willing to pay them!

So the ‘fun part’ is not so fun sometimes but the reward is worth it (if you’re into bling) !

Don’t underestimate the effect good lighting has on a space. Absolutely install dimmer switches in every zone. The investment is worth it. Creating ambiance day and night is something you will appreciate in any home.