One of the best pieces of advice given when contemplating broadloom (carpet) is to invest in the foundation.  The best underpad available.

Technology has changed our world — even in the carpet world — no longer are the little ‘bits’ of foam the best performing.

When doing your research there are two elements to consider.  The ‘feel’ of the carpet to touch, high pile, mid-pile, low pile, berber all feel differently.  The downside to thicker materials is it shows footprints, so if contemplating a high traffic area and a plush carpet — think twice.

What’s this have to do with custom cabinets?  We talk a lot about the anchor to the space, having a solid foundation. Similiarly your flooring choice should run under the kitchen cabinets.  Levellers are placed on each cabinet as we know floors aren’t perfectly level in new construction or century old homes. Laying a a solid base prior to cabinet installation will positively affect the overall result of your renovation.

Often, clients will see our finished product and comment on the ‘fit and finish’.  What does that mean?  Well, having a solid foundation is the first step!