In conversations with clients recently there has been a recurring theme….the use of mirror.

Not certain why this tends to happen, maybe the scuttlebutt discussions of designers and decorators infiltrates what’s going on in homes and other spaces in an organic way?

Regardless, we know that the use of mirror is a timeless one. Do you recall mirror backsplashes being the ‘in’ thing?

There’s no doubt the creation of large scale frames with mirror is on the increase.

We are big fans of using ‘negative space’ within a space to offset other features such as cabinetry, artwork etc. Mirror opens up and can create illusion for certain. The homes with taller ceiling heights 9ft to cathedral lofts require planning in order to take into account the scale of each room.

Often, we see a reflected ceiling plan (coffer, tray)  detail built in to design in order to ‘bring down’ what sometimes can feel like a cavernous space.

Don’t underestimate mirror – a caution to ‘pay attention’ to all angles as mirror can be unforgiving when installed permanently. It only takes one faux pas to capture an unattractive angle in a room.