A three day dogsledding experience in Algonquin Park provides fodder to share in how life experience contributes insight and knowledge to our work lives.

Being a bit of a thrill seeking adventurist, wishing to push limits and explore new things brings knowledge to the Misani framework of what we refer to as teamwork.

Contemplating a home / kitchen renovation is a big deal. Gathering information is a critical piece in ultimately achieving goals. Some like to call it due diligence or  research — and yes, it takes time and effort!  Clients often  need to go down a path of exploration only to come full circle and land back where they started only to confidently know and move forward with a plan that they are most comfortable with.

Nature itself  provides its own challenges  — its when we are faced with those challenges and forced to ‘deal with them’ do we learn to understand how to problem solve, ask the right questions, and make difficult decisions.

Working with these dogs — learning how to communicate with them “Gee” – turn right “Haw” turn left and of course the critical command of “Whoa” translates into our everyday experience of working with professionals when we are building or renovating our homes.

Listening, speaking up when required, giving and taking direction are all important skills in the success of any project.

The moral of the story — trust your instincts — working with professionals you like and trust will ensure your investment is worth every penny!