Now the cabinet boxes are installed (sans doors) so they don’t get damaged during countertop installation. You are ready to call in your counter fabricator if you are using granite or quartz or any natural stone for that matter.

Underestimating the importance  of hiring an experienced fabricator to save a few bucks may cause great disappointment ,after the fact, without recourse.

The adage ‘you get what you pay for’ holds true. Many kitchen designs require a seam somewhere in the layout.

The execution of the cut, finish and installation is critical . Invisibility at a joint is the goal.

There are factors that play into this with respect to the pattern of the stone etc.  A good fabrictor will recognize this and discuss what to expect.

Lower (base) cabinetry needs to be installed before the fabricator is scheduled to assess, measure and ‘template’ the shape of the stone he/she is going to cut in the factory.  Because, we know that no wall is perfectly square or floor level, scribing stone within the home is not recommended.

The ‘finish’ of the counter is pre-determined and needs to be agreed upon before the fabrication begins. i.e. polished, honed, leathered

Expect a 5-10 business day turnaround from the time of the detailed measure (template) to when the countertop is installed. The appliance installation and connecting the sink must wait until the counter is in. More waiting…its really the only way to go as attempting to scribe stone within the home is nearly impossible.  Fabrication requires specialized equipment, the mess as well as the fine airborne particulate during the process is nasty. That’s why you hire a seasoned professional #