Managing client expectations is paramount to achieving customer satisfaction.

Weather can play a factor in how easy or challenging the construction process unfolds. The installation of custom cabinetry requires methods that not all companies use. The scribing technique when installing kitchen cabinetry, vanities or built-ins is mandatory for Misani installers.

The scribe is shaping a part to neatly fit the contours of its abutting member i.e. wall and/or floor.

The downside of this technique is that it creates a fair bit of mess. Fine particulate of the material being scribed.

Where possible, this can be done in a garage or outdoor area close to the installation BUT there’s a downside to moving the parts too many times. Construction is not an exact science. The likelihood after lifting, carrying and scribing sometimes very large parts causing damage to  your newly painted walls or the part itself is higher the more times the part is handled and the distance its moved.

What does this mean? Communication is key! You may have just purchased new furniture or had your windows cleaned or your new appliances delivered.  PROTECT THEM

Its never the intention of a professional to cause damage…time is money…the next job is always waiting…re-dos and repairs can be cumbersome.

Having a good, honest conversation about what to expect when you’re in the home stretch of a renovation reaps many rewards.

At the end of the day, the professionals you hire want you to be happy. The homeowner should take some responsibility for understanding the process and taking measures to cooperate and understand that renovations are and always will be MESSY!