Whether you are sitting on a bus, train or stuck in traffic (don’t you love the HOV lanes ) seems there is never enough time to get through our daily ‘to do’ list.

As reviews, testimonials and cards of thanks roll in,  the consistent message reflects gratitude to our team for not only the care and attention as we help execute their kitchen renovation or often a whole home.  More importantly – our experience, guidance and information sharing seems to go a long way with managing the project effortlessly.

Communication is key — ask questions, here’s a few to get you started!

Interview your suppliers – people work with people they like and trust. The time & effort early in the planning process will yield very different results if the professionals you choose to work with are a good fit with your personality.

Not all materials to manufacture cabinets are created equal.  When comparing Quotes — things like ‘soft-close’ & Plywood box construction can be somewhat misleading. Misani Custom Cabinets for example uses only the best quality materials to build our product. Learn about  the differences by asking about performance of Domestic wood box construction versus imported materials. Commercial grade hardware performs for the long run versus Builder grade.

Understand time lines and associated expectations at different stages of your kitchen renovation– How many weeks will it take to ‘prepare the home’ to receive the new cabinetry? This takes into account time to replace floors, execute new electrical, plumbing & lighting plans. Cabinets are not installed in a day….kitchen counter fabrication typically has a 2 week turnaround time where there is a lag in work being done. Once countertops are installed – appliances, sink, other fixtures are connected. Backsplash, finish coat of paint is completed.

These pieces of the puzzle take time.  At Misani, we are project managers, we take the time that you don’t have to communicate, facilitate, generate and provide great service throughout the entire process of a renovation. Much time is spent early in the process , informing and educating our clients as to what to expect and when to expect it.

Its only after the dust settles….our clients comment how “easy that was” and they can’t wait to do it again! Strange but true when you align yourselves with the right people.