You’ve pulled the trigger, the renovation is “on”. Your due diligence has paid off and you’ve hit the ground running with your ‘shopping list’ for your new kitchen.

Faucet, sink, lighting fixtures, countertops, hardware, flooring — pot filler…

Understanding the sense of overwhelm from the clients perspective is critical.  As professionals, and immersed in construction day to day, answering questions regarding electrical services for appliances, locations for outlets, plumbing locations etc . Its easy to slip into our own comfort zone with the technicalities of executing a sound site plan.

Misani’s ‘edge’ is the personal touch.  Years of experience allows us to hit the ground running with the project management aspect of a home / kitchen renovation.  Our cleverly designed checklist of What Comes Next is easy to follow.

Good planning is reflected in the final result. Many clients are able to decide on their selections months in advance of their work commencing.

They come to us and ask ” what comes next?”… with our proven track record the easy answer is — sit back and wait for the fun to begin!

When decisions are made in advance, materials are ordered with good lead time, the renovation runs smooth, work happens everyday (no days where you are waiting for something to happen). This of course assumes the Scope of Work involves replacing flooring, executing a new lighting plan, relocating services etc. A kitchen renovation from the time the tear out starts to when you can entertain again is typically 8-10 weeks.

Don’t be fooled , there’s lots of sourcing (aka — shopping) with internet, your daily commute on transit can be filled with comparison shopping!

Contact us for more information on our cleverly designed checklist today, it can take the worry out of getting started.  What comes next for you?