With Thanksgiving celebrations behind us — if you were renovating , maybe dinner looked a little different this year. Possibly take-out or store bought fixins?

Regardless, your circumstance —  the opportunity to enjoy your loved ones company trumps all else, especially if that person lives on the other side of the Planet and its been years since you’ve seen eachother, which was the case this year in my family.

Technology helps — the likes of Skype or Facetime.  Email and video streaming are all great tools to connect with eachother but nothing beats the good old fashioned face to face, kicking back and laughing together watching old home videos scenario!

We know renovating a kitchen or home changes our lifestyle temporarily.  A renovation provides the opportunity to be humble and gracious for the simple things.

Completing a project brings us to choosing wall colour(s) that compliment the finishes you’ve chosen to date.  Don’t underestimate these critical decisions.  If you’re not good at ‘seeing’ colour — by all means, hire a professional colour consultant.  Different floor finishes — wood versus tile versus broadloom all reflect light differently.

Assess in realtime daylight conditions , review the contemplated palette at night too.  Although it can be said ‘its just paint’ — good paint is expensive and if you’re paying a professional to paint a whole home you could be looking in the range of investing 5-10k.  That’s a lot of money.

Take your time…. colour can be a cerebral decision that affects our feelings toward our space.  Colour can provide comfort, just like a visit from a loved one!