Just when you think you have a crisis on your hands.  Stressful text messages, phone calls and waiting on hold for what seems like forever… all because of a plug that’s unfamiliar.

First,  nothing can be sold in Canada that’s not North American ready.  When dealing with an issue of the unknown, the tendency seems to be to jump on the blower and feel like you have to make rash decisions to find a solution.  And spend more money doing so.

This was the case during an installation of a stacked washer and dryer set. Client receives a call from an electrician outlining what’s required to ‘convert’ a European electrical connection for use in a Canadian home.  Doesn’t seem right but hey — the client isn’t  a specialist on these matters.. .. Calling the appliance dealer leaves them scratching their heads too.

A deep breath and patience are required to ‘figure it out’.


No trade certificate , specialized training or professional designation required!

In this scenario, the solution was as simple as reading Page 4 of the manual which clearly outlined step by step how to take the European plug from the washer, attach it into the conversion receptacle in the rear of the dryer. The dryer is  plugged into a standard wall receptacle and Voila!

Beep, beep, beep…the first load of laundry is underway!